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One day we were kids, the next day we are all grownups. We don't even realize how much time has lapsed, how many things we have missed and how many people we have hurt. One day we look back and wish we were kids again. We wish we had been different a person. We wish we had not done all the things we have done....If you let me take your handThere are places I could bring you toIn some unimagined landIf you let me take your hand...This short story was published on a Vietnamese newspaper in late 2017.

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Tấm chăn hạnh phúc (by Dinh Huyen)

Happiness is like a tiny little blanket. One person gets warm under it, leaving the other cold. Or, sometimes, it is never enough for either of them.Human beings are way complicated. They are far more than any labels affixed to them. So, what we can say about one person is, he or she is "seemingly" good, bad or ugly person; because he or she may be never really good, bad or ugly. This story was written in March 2016 and in Vietnamese, published online at

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Độc thoại (by Đình Huyên)

Have you ever wondered, who is the person you talk the most with?This short story was published in 2016 on an online version of a Vietnamese newspaper.Link to the story:

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I've loved you so long (written by Đình Huyên) the hardest thing to give or take.This story was published in Vietnamese paper in early 2016.Link to the story:

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Đêm muộn (written by Đình Huyên)

We are not always aware we are chasing our own shadows...This short story was written in Vietnamese and published in late 2014 in a Vietnamese newspaper. Link to the story:

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Người chưa chồng (written by Đình Huyên)

This is one of the very first works done by Đình Huyên and got published on a reputable Vietnamese paper for professional writers. It's written back in late 2009. The story was built around three characters, all girls. It was about their dialogues and thoughts on the perceptions and customs of the society where they lived in. Their fights against what they thought not perfectly "right" to them and the efforts to live the lives they had chosen.

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Đồng hồ cát (written by Đình Huyên

We live too much on people's expectation; we do things people expect us to do, not things we want to do; we love or hate a person just because people think we should, but not for who she/ he is...This story was written in 2013, published online on a Vietnamese news website. Link to the story:

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Ký ức (by Đình Huyên)

Everyone changes, everything changes, our memories change...This short story was written in Christmas 2013 and published online on a news website.Link to the story:

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